Stand by, details about Diwali coming soon. Its gonna be lit!

Raas Garba!

Thank you for making it to the biggest and best Garba in the history of UC Brkeley! Stay tuned for pictures and keep checking back here and on our Facebook page for future events!


This event will be held sometime in March/April. More details next semester.

About ISA

ISA is an on-campus student organization conceived with the objective of representing India and the Indo-American community to the UC Berkeley campus in particular and the Bay Area in general. One in every six individuals born on Earth is an Indian, yet India as a concept is not limited to the boundaries of the nation-state that today bears its name. India is verily a timeless civilization, firmly established upon the bedrock of unity in diversity and continuity amidst change.

Throughout the course of world history India has made significant contributions to humanity through science, mathematics, spirituality, literature and polity. It has given the world leaders and role models including Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Kabir, and countless others. It is with this firm understanding that ISA intends to present India at the footsteps of UC Berkeley.

ISA General Membership

Anyone can become a member of ISA. As a member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted tickets to our events as well as discounted Holi ColorAn ISA member card with special discounts
  • An ISA member card with special discounts at House of Curries and Tandoori Nite
  • Free admission to movie nights
  • More benefits to come!
Find us at our table on Sproul to sign up!

ISA Council Membership

Applications for Fall 2016 are now closed. Please check back next semester.